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Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS Browser
(Original Style Nintendo DS)

$29.99 U.S.


The Internet at Your Fingertips!

At Home…
If you have a wireless router, you should be able to use your existing broadband internet connection to transform your Original Style Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite into a web browser anywhere in your home. You can also connect using the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector. Click here for connection options and other general information on the Nintendo DS Browser.

...Or On The Go!
Connect to the internet wherever there's a wireless hotspot for quick and easy browsing when your out and about!

The Nintendo DS Browser comes with the browser game card and a Memory Expansion Pak.

NOTE: The Memory Expansion Pak included with this browser will actually work with both the Original Style Nintendo DS or the Nintendo DS Lite; however, it will stick out further when used with the Nintendo DS Lite.